Person-To-Person Digital Marketing

Person-to-Person Marketing: Individualized campaigns that take advantage of data-driven marketing to create highly tailored experiences towards specific individual’s wants and needs.

Glossary for P-2-P marketing success:

Measure, analyze and act: Our core motto for person-to-person marketing success. Identify patterns over a specific period of time to create relevant content based on popular trends.
Formula: Variables + Patterns / Timeframe = Trends * Actions

Get involved in conversations, keep up with brand mentions, identify influencers and understand sentiment towards your brands. Most importantly: optimize content every six hours.
Formula: (Conversation) * (Influencers) * (Sentiment + Passion) / Category * Timeframe

There’s great power in here and now, and opportunities to create reactive content live in the heart of your social listening. Listen to your tribes, understand what is happening, act quickly, and create reactive content based on popular conversations. TIP: 30% of the content should be reactive in a person-to-person strategy.

Immerse yourself in the real world, so capture real moments and share real life content to deliver relatable person-to-person experiences. Take advantage of technology and absorb the world through air, land and sea by making 20% of your content real and unique.

Maintain a 6-hour optimization model to boost conversations, content, media, and achieve a successful person-to-person marketing campaign.


Crowdsourcing Creativity: Listen to your audiences, catch onto hints in their conversation and generate content that speaks to them person-to-person.
Rich formats & Interactive Content: Use short videos and audio sequences to break away from the plain still image format.

Use stories and sequencing to appeal to your tribes emotionally. For example, post daily pictures on Instagram that form a bigger image after a couple of weeks; or integrate your social channels by posting content that connects one with the other.

Identify relevant people who engage with or talk about your brand; then, rank them by Klout score, amounts of mentions or amount of followers. Connect with them directly to create successful person-to-person conversations.
Formula: Klout Score + Mentions / Industry

While brainstorming and executing campaigns, keep in mind these seven multi-dimensional levels:
• Touch Points: Points of contact with your tribes.
• Budget: when and how much to spend.
• Time: how much time will the campaign have to run full circle.
• Location: where the campaign is happening.
• Audience/Tribes: specifically identified tribes to have P2P conversations.
• Communication Stages: where you stand in the communication process.

For successful person-to-person marketing campaigns, include the following conversion funnel strategy:
• Demand generation through content and media.
• Real time segmentation of your tribes.
• Buckets generation to classify the different levels of interested tribes.
• Custom protocols to communicate with each one accordingly.
• Transactional models to push transactions you can track and personalize according to all the previous funnel stages.

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Here is a short video of how we apply P2P for some of our clients:

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